Code of Conduct


SAGE has a direct and cooperative relationship with its members that creates a rewarding experience for all and its objective is to maintain a culture and climate that supports learning, friendship and professionalism amongst members and the industry at large.  The Code of Conduct is a mechanism to assist these objectives.



  • Take pride in the work that you do.
  • Take full responsibility for the work undertaken and strive to deliver the best (highest quality) possible product within the set timeframe.
  • Work with integrity and loyalty, and respect confidential information while adhering to best business practices.
  • Be judicious in the use of music, special sound and visual effects and any other items of intellectual property.
  • Produce factually correct information for non-fiction productions, while avoiding prejudicial and pejorative reference to race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental illness or disability, as well as maintaining the integrity of an image’s content and context.
  • Refrain from negatively criticising and bad mouthing other editors and film industry players.
  • Uphold the integrity of SAGE at all times.



  • SAGE recommends the use of its Pre-Employment Checklist, Rate Card and Contract as tools for contract negotiations.
  • SAGE promotes equitable business relationships between industry professionals and organisations, and aims to educate those entering the profession around such issues.
  • SAGE provides for the complaints by members against employers, complaints by employers against members and suspension and expulsion of members as in section 18 of its constitution.
  • The role of the Executive Committee is to facilitate conversations and solutions between members and employers.
  • Membership is contingent upon the continuous adherence to and acceptance of the membership criteria.

SAGE is a non-profit company #2007/006516/08
and a non-profit organisation #268-737 NPO