Guidelines for Producers

SAGE is a guild, not a union. We cannot prescribe rates for our members or the industry at large.

Our aims are to improve the skills and competencies of editors, to improve the working conditions for editors, and to represent editors at governmental level. When speaking of “editors”, we also imply sound-editors, editing assistants, loggers and sub-titlers. While we do provide contact details for the convenience of producers, SAGE is not an employment agency, and cannot be held responsible for managing the working relationship, collecting fees or selecting an editor for a particular job.

It is the producer's responsibility to interview any candidate and ensure they have the suitable skills for the needs of their particular production. Please ask for personal references or examples of recent work to help you make your decision. Editors are a fundamental part of the technical and creative process of making films and should be recognised for the role they play, it is the responsibility of producers to ensure that editors are paid the established rates for the skill-set each individual editor offers.

There is a downloadable contract which has been drawn up by legal counsel. It is available to protect both you and the editor. Please use it to prevent misunderstandings.

The rate card is a guideline. It allows for a broad range of salary scales, which can vary depending on the nature of your production.

If you have any doubts or questions about an editor, ask us first by getting in touch.

SAGE is a non-profit company #2007/006516/08
and a non-profit organisation #268-737 NPO