News and events

12th August 2015

Subtitling is seriously undervalued in the South African film and television industry. This is the second in a series of blog posts covering subtitling concerns.

Timing and synchronisation

A fundamental function of subtitling is to reduce frustration caused to hearing-impaired viewers by being faced with silent moving mouths. Therefore, all obvious speech should have some form of subtitle accompaniment.

7th August 2015

Subtitling is seriously undervalued in the South African film and television industry. This is the first in a series of blog posts covering subtitling concerns.

In a country with 11 official languages, subtitling is not only used for deaf and hard-of-hearing people but also for the inclusion of the various language groups, because South Africans are not a homogeneous people, nor can everyone speak all the official and unofficial languages. English is therefore often used as the mediating language.

17th July 2015

Have you ever wondered what the average rate is for a senior offline editor in reality TV in the Western Cape? Soon, we'll have an answer!

We're very pleased to announce a new part of our industry measurement strategy: our anonymous job offer reporter.

3rd March 2015

SAGE has published an annual rate card of recommended salaries for editors for the last 14 years. Though focussed on freelance editors, this rate card can also be used as a starting point for full-time employment negotiations.

17th January 2015

Join us for our first event of 2015!

25 January 2015, 15:00
Johannesburg Art Gallery
Joubert Park, corner Klein and King George streets, Johannesburg

Catherine Meyburgh S.A.G.E., Yoav Dagan S.A.G.E., and Zana Marovic will discuss their collaboration with artist William Kentridge and composer Philip Miller in creating Refusal of Time, a multi-projection art installation commissioned for dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel.

16th January 2015

On the 22nd of February 2014, SAGE hosted a panel discussion at the Jozi Film Festival, featuring panelists Megan Gill and David Max Brown and chaired by Stephen Abbott.

8th December 2014

This year we organised many workshops and events, established an easy-to-use job contact form, distributed a document to producers about what to expect from editors, finalised a new employee contract, published our editor and producer survey results and represented editors and post-production professionals at a number of industry-wide bodies, including SASFED. We’ve also adjusted our rate card composition and increased the rates to reflect annual inflation.

21st November 2014

After our AGM and first exec meeting, we're pleased to announce the new SAGE executive committee for 2015. A sincere thank you to those who volunteered for 2014. Here's to a fantastic 2015!

26th September 2014
At the end of 2013 SAGE conducted a survey on the South African post-production industry. We're pleased to finally release the report. Generally, the survey results confirm hunches we’ve had for many years. There were some surprises, too. Of course, these responses are limited to our sample: 145 editors and 38 producers, generally with some experience, and almost all from Gauteng and Western Cape.
18th September 2014

Photos from our "Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects in action" event, hosted by SAGE member Daniëlle Nel and Labspace. A thoroughly informative night of Adobe magic!

18th September 2014

Over the last two years, we've been sending quite a lot of job offers through to our membership mailing list. To make this process easier, we've added a new contact form, specifically for sending job offers to our members.

18th May 2014

This short document aims to help producers better understand the different types of post-production roles. Though by no means exhaustive, this covers the basics of each job.

9th April 2014

2014 marks a new direction for our rate card. We have begun matching inflation, simplified the job classifications, broadened the range of experience pay, and attempted to match rates with the camera department. We urge you to read about the changes in detail on the below the card itself.

31st March 2014

On the 25th of March 2014, SAGE held a social event At The Table in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. 

The weather played along on a beautiful starry night as our 5 recipients of the SAGE acronym were congratulated: Melanie Jankes Golden, Nikki Comninos, Floris Kotze, Candice Odgers and Tanya Rosenberg (pictured, left to right).

18th March 2014

We are excited to invite you to our next social event, an opportunity to network and socialise as we honour our 2014 acronym recipients. This free event is open to all film and television industry professionals, but please RSVP by Monday 24th of March.