State of SAGE 2016

Read our full end-of-year report, available for download here.

We’re pleased to release our State of SAGE 2016 document, which covers our activity and statistics for the year.

One of our achievements this year was to introduce the first Best Editing award at the Durban International Film Festival.  We also held a discussion panel at DIFF called Building Relationships, Building Stories which was presented by Khalid Shamis S.A.G.E., as well as an event at the first SABC Ekurhuleni International Film Festival, which was presented by Megan Gill S.A.G.E.

We launched a grapevine action this year, and also engaged regularly with SASFED, the umbrella industry organisation to which we belong, as well as the NFVF, DTI, SACIA and IPO.

Our new executive committee for 2017 is:

Marina du Toit (Chair)
Melissa Parry (Vice Chair)
Nikki Comninos (Treasurer)
Athena Argyrakis (Events)
Carol Howell (Membership)
Catherine Meyburgh (Membership)
Gugu Sibandze (Events and Mentorship)
Jenine Lindeque (General Support)
Kerryn Assaizky (Events)
Khalid Shamis (Events)
Rowan Cloete (Marketing)
Stephen Abbott (Website)
Stephen Horn (Mentorship)
Taryn Calverey (Marketing & Website)

We’re planning to run our annual survey from next week, and for 2017 we’re aiming to launch a mentorship programme, fight for royalties for editors who contribute to the creative process, focus on transformation and develop a registered course for assistant editors. We would also like to hold more social events and screenings, so if you have worked on a project and would like to show it, please let us know.

We are in the process of sending out invoices. Our membership for 2017 is R480 for full, associate and affiliate members, and R170 for student members. This is a zero increase from 2016, which we hope is good news for our members.

Remember that you can contact us at any time with problems, feedback, suggestions, comments or any ideas about how SAGE can add value to your career as an editor.

We hope you’ll have a fantastic festive season and see you in 2017! 

Marina du Toit

SAGE Chairperson

(image credit: DRs Kulturarvsprojekt)