State of SAGE 2014

Read our full end-of-year report as a PDF, available for download here.

This year we organised many workshops and events, established an easy-to-use job contact form, distributed a document to producers about what to expect from editors, finalised a new employee contract, published our editor and producer survey results and represented editors and post-production professionals at a number of industry-wide bodies, including SASFED. We’ve also adjusted our rate card composition and increased the rates to reflect annual inflation.

Our membership grew to 131 and our SAGE website had over 21,000 hits. We ran 11 events and sent out 37 job emails.

In 2015 we plan to focus more on networking, mentorship and transformation, while continuing our presence at the major film festivals in South Africa. We are in the process of planning an intensive assistant editors workshop. We would also like to hold more social events and screenings, so if you have worked on a project and would like to show it, please let us know.

Remember that you can contact us at any time with problems, feedback, suggestions, comments or any ideas about how SAGE can add value to your career as an editor.

I'd also like to use this opportunity to thank Melissa Parry, who has been SAGE chairperson for the last two years. During her tenure she has served SAGE with enthusiasm and dedication and I have some very big shoes to fill.

We hope you’ll have a fantastic festive season and see you in 2015!

Marina du Toit
SAGE Chairperson
082 255 8077

Photo credit: Marta Wlusek under Creative Commons