The SAGE acronym

Use of the S.A.G.E. acronym indicates peer recognition of excellence in a field. It is the highest honour that SAGE can bestow on an editor. In 2012 the Acronym application process was revised to align itself with the international standards set by the American Cinema Editors (A.C.E.) and Australian Screen Editors (A.S.E.) associations, making it a rigorous process for both the applicant and committee.

From the constitution, applications for acronym accreditation require that the editor:

  • Be a current member of SAGE, with a minimum of 5 years paid-up membership.
  • Have been a Full member for at least 1 year before applying.
  • Have at least five years industry experience as an editor.
  • Have demonstrated their ability to advocate the role of editors in the industry.
  • Submit a body of work that is considered to exhibit a consistently high standard of editing.

An acronym sub-committee—consisting of 3 members who hold the acronym—will make recommendations to the executive.

Acronym accredited members will be presented with a certificate bearing their name and the date of their accreditation. Unsuccessful applications are welcome to re-apply in following years.

Applications for the acronym accreditation are open until the end of September each year. Should you wish to apply, please log in and head to 'My profile'.