Membership types

SAGE categorises members in four different ways:

Full members are editors who have been editing professionally for over 5 years, or have 10 screen credits to their name.

Associate members are editors who do not qualify for full membership, but are actively involved in post production.

Student members are editors who have little or no experience, and are serving an apprenticeship or are currently enrolled in a tertiary institution within a course involving screen editing or post production. Where noted, these members may be competent at logging and/or sub-titling.

Affiliate members are members who do not meet the qualifications of the full, associate or student categories, but are actively engaged in the post production, of motion picture films, television, multimedia, training or other forms of new technologies or engaged in the allied arts and sciences. Affiliate members will not have a vote at Annual General Meetings, but will be welcome to be present and take part.