About SAGE

The South African Guild of Editors is a voluntary, non-profit organisation which represents film and video picture editors, assistant editors and sound editors. In its 20 years of existence, SAGE has become a recognised player in the Film and Television industry.

With a core body of around 100 members, the Guild represents most of the best talent in the feature film, TV drama, documentary, insert, on-line and sound editing in South Africa today.

Our website ensures that many producers have quick access to contact details and experience of our editors. We provide more detail (and CVs) on request.

Each year we assess and publish a rate card which is accessible on the website. This gives producers an idea as to what editors should be paid, and gives members an excellent starting point for wage negotiations. We provide various other employment-related documents, including an independent contractor's contract, plus a more informal pre-employment checklist.

We would like to ensure that editors are not kept in isolation, a problem which tends to come with the job. To this end we aim to increase communication between editors for morale as well as technical and/or creative support:

  • We hold social events where editors get to meet their contemporaries, are able to share experience and expertise.
  • We host masterclasses, workshops, seminars and screenings. Open to all, SAGE members receive major discounts on all charged events.

The Guild is presently run on a voluntary basis by the members of the Executive Committee, all post-production professionals.

 Lastly and perhaps most importantly, SAGE is represented on the film federation, SASFED (The South African Screen Federation). SASFED in turns represents the broad film industry to government, the Department of Arts and Culture as well as the National Film and Video Foundation, and ICASA. Our membership with SASFED ensures that we are able to contribute to the discussions around and the development of policy.